Carol Laula – The Bones of it (Signed Copy)


The Bones of It – the 8th album release from Scottish singer-songwriter, Carol Laula, spanning an inspiring 25-year career. The album comes after Laula’s burning desire to make the album she has always wanted to make – and do so with the people with which she has wanted to create it – after a hiatus from working on her own material. With a style which bobs around somewhere between the sweet, clear delicacy of Joni Mitchell and the tougher edges of Joan Armatrading, it is hardly surprising that she has risen from a young unknown to become a household name when she first captivated the media and her audience in 1990 with independent single, ‘Standing Proud’, which was chosen to represent Glasgow in its year of culture.

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The Bones of It (Released 12th February 2016) sees Laula at her very best where she revisits her roots and presents 11 songs that delve into her heart and soul, whilst working with the many talented friends she has made along the way. Album guests include Ken McCluskey (The Bluebells), David Scott (The Pearlfishers), Marco Rea and Stuart Kidd (The Wellgreen) and Brian Docherty.

Despite releasing seven albums – Still, Precious Little Victories, Naked, First Disciple, To Let, Kitchen Stories and her most recent to date, Answers in the Mirror – Carol still finds the time to tour extensively, treating her fans worldwide to a voice and repertoire that can move even the hardest heart. Although her albums capture her incredible tone and clarity, it is when you see her perform live that you truly appreciate the depth and range of her talent.


1. round&round
2. without you
3. envy of angels
4. august leaves
5. lets meet in the middle
6. 2nd hand joy
7. endless friend
8. leave a light on
9. sweetest thing
10. moon on the rise
11. gypsy